How to add a product on Vetrinalive


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In this guide you will learn how to add a product and how to set it with different options, let’s start:

1. Click on “Products” on the left in the drawer.

2. Press on the “+ Add product” button on the right.

3. From the “Product Info” tab you can choose the:

  • Product Name: What better express your product.
  • Description: Try to give a short information and describe it as you want.
  • Product Images*: The images of your products.
  • Price: Set a price for your product.
  • Discounted Price*: The discounted price that you can set to your product.
  • Category: Choose a category of yours from the dropdown menù.
  • Product Code: The identificative code (It can also be found near the bar code).
  • Availability: Set a value to specify in stock products.
  • Featured Product*: Set if you want to show this product in the carousel in front your shop window.

4. From the “Variants” tab you can choose the:

  • Product Variations: Set a product price variations with different options, where you can choose as example: the “size” or a “color” for “Option” and “S,M,L” or “Red,Blue,White” for “Value”.(Setting a product variations, some settings from product info, that you have already set up earlier, have to be changed again, like “Price”, “Discounted Price”, “Availability” and “Product Code”).

* : Features that require a specific plan to be used.

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