How to customize your store on Vetrinalive


Last Update 3 years ago

This guide will introduce you to the customization of your vetrina with various features, let’s see:

1. Click on “Customization” on the left in the drawer.
2. When clicking on “Store URL”, you can:
  • Change your “URL Address
  • Connect your “Personal Domain” *
3. When clicking on “Header”, you can:
  • Upload Your Logo” by pressing on the icon
  • Enable the “Top Bar” *
4. When clicking on “Headline & Cover Image”, you can:
  • Change “Headline
  • Change “Description
  • Choose a “Cover image” from your device or from the Gallery
5. When clicking on “Store Design”, you can:
  • Enable “Featured Products” feature *
  • Enable “Promotional Packages” feature *
6. When clicking on “Other”, you can:
  • Enable “Product with variable cost
  • Enable “Tax Code Field
  • Enable “Related Products by Category” *
  • Enable “Show product categories in an alternative way

* : Features that require a specific plan to be used.

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